Aloha! Wooooo Whooooo – I’m now offering Ukulele Lessons on the North Shore of Oahu from Haleiwa to Turtle Bay and here’s the fun thing – I’ll come to you!


This is a beginner Ukulele course where you will learn the basics of playing the ukulele. As you can see from my video tutorials the method I use for ukulele instructions is lighthearted, fun yet educational. You will learn the very basics of how to hold and tune your uke all the way to learning full songs.

There are two types of lessons that I teach. Private lessons are me coming out to your location and teaching you for 30 minutes. Group lessons are me coming out to your location and teaching more than 3 people for 45 minutes.

  • PRIVATE UKULELE LESSONS: This is a beginner lesson plan that customizes itself to the learning ability of the student. We will set goals for the student to achieve and continue to move through the beginner stages through intermediate to advanced techniques. All technical skills will be taught from strumming/picking to chord-hand strengthening and agility. The lesson plan includes chord charts and tabs. The intermediate phase will be learning song of the students choice and the advanced stage will be song construction and composition for songwriting skill development.
  • GROUP UKULELE LESSONS: The beginner group ukulele lessons are structured more like a course as to cater towards a classroom environment. Because the learning curve will most likely be different among group students the education will need to be broken down into levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. As in the private lessons we will be covering all the basics and learn fun songs. The group Ukulele lesson structure is a once -a- week 45 minute class in a public center for 6 weeks.

Ukulele Lessons – Pricing and Structure


I will come to your location and teach you for 30 minutes. This will include a “start-up instruction folder” with a chord chart and 3 beginner songs that the student will keep. There is no minimum amount of classes required for private lessons – if you’re having fun learning then I’ll keep teaching you 🙂

On our first lesson I will asses the ability of the student the customize a lesson plan to suit the students desires on how they want to play the ukulele. Thought that might sound odd I have found that once I understand the direction a student wants to go in I can focus the lessons to get them to place they want to be at with their skills.


  • Must have their own ukulele
  • If the student is under 18 years old there must be an adult present (on premise) at all times during the lesson


  • Single lessons $45
  • Lessons purchased in advance (5 lessons) – $190

Group lessons are defined as 3 or more people. I can teach up to 20 people at a time in a group environment. This is structured in levels. First group lesson at a location would be a beginners course over a 6 week period – once a week. Because of the nature of group classes the education is going to be at a slower pace but nonetheless still fun.

We will be learning all the basics and eventually learn a complete song by the end of the course. I will supply an ukulele chord chart and sheet music for the song we will learn. Of course this will be taught at some kind of public facility or community center.


  • Must have their own ukuleles however I can bring ukuleles to session if needed.
  • If the class is structured for kids under 18 there must always be a supervising adult watching over the session.


  • $60 per lesson for class up to 10 students
  • $100 per lesson for class up to 20 students

Ready to get started or have any questions? All you have to do is fill out the form below and I’ll get back with you ASAP!

I also have a special non-profit rate for NPO’s that have their own ukuleles on hand for kids to use for lessons. Please contact me for further info.