Some Fun Beginner Ukulele Lessons :)


In this video I talk about the most common problem with beginners and that is pressing too hard on the string.  Without a doubt you have to push down on the strings between the frets to make the note.  As beginners we press hard and it starts to hurt the fingers and leave string-creases.

Believe it or not you don’t have to press hard to get the string to make the note – it’s more like pushing down softly.  This video shows some steps in getting use to pushing down softly and not pressing so you can enjoy the learning process of playing the ukulele.

Left Hand Exercise for Better Sounding Notes

It’s always at the beginning of learning any instruments it can be tedious and boring but this exercise is so important and it shouldn’t take you long to understand and be able to apply.

In the beginning you will make a lot of what I call “stiff hands” while playing the ukulele.  This video shows you an exercise that will cover not only the “soft hand” method but accuracy of getting those fingers in the correct place between the frets.

YES, I know – it’s going to seem real boring but like I said if you get this down you will fly though your beginner ukulele lessons!

Strumming Your Ukulele – It’s a Lite Touch

Ah yes, the right hand (or your strumming hand if you’re a lefty).  Much like in the beginning of making chords, pressing hard is natural and this goes for strumming too.  We have tendency to strum hard and then our fingers get soar – OUCH!

In this ukulele strumming video I take you through the basics which includes the same “soft hands” theory.  Though there are going to be many different way’s you’ll strum your ukulele in the future you need to understand the basics of have lose and soft hands.

There isn’t just one way to strum your ukulele, just the right way :)

Uke Lesson on da Beach! Good fingering, Great Transitions – simple Ukulele lesson talking about the power of using the right fingering to make chords. It’s all about learning techniques that make your ukulele experience less frustrating.  As well, once you master the correct fingering you’ll be able to progress further in a shorter amount of time.  DON’T FORGET; using a light touch is also real important…….