One of the things you might already know is that guitar is my primary instrument and not until about 5 years ago did I pick up an Ukulele.

For me it’s easy to hear my guitar influences lightly translated into ukulele playing but not as much as in the new song I wrote “Don’t Judge A Uke By It’s Cover”.

Now there are no rule on how one can play the ukulele and no one person has proven that to me than famous Hawaiian entertainer Wille K..

A couple of nights ago I witnessed some of the most amazing playing and musical diversity on an ukulele by Wille that made me feel a little bit better on how I approached my song.

Don’t Judge a Uke is a super-funk approach to the old saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover but in this case it’s about four little ukulele strings blazing it’s on uniqueness through a powerful full band setting.

Like all of my music there’s an Abba Geebz life mission behind my writing and this song is an ode to standing out with your own uniqueness now matter what your surrounded by 🙂  Check it out…..