ThmbNailSurfing has been a HUGE part of my life since I was a kid.  The sport not only has kept me in shape but also saved me from some unsavory options when I became a teenager.

I write music when I surf, I talk to God when I surf and I’m at total peace when I surf.  The most powerful aspect of surfing next to the sport itself is breathing.  There is a rhythm in breathing when you are surfing.

There is also a rhythm while you are surfing or as set waves pulse through.  Watch the rhythm of the waves and you can time when to paddle out or set yourself up for a great ride.  If your rhythm is off then you can surely pay a price!

The rhythm in my music and my surfing is the single most meditative part of my life and I’m stoked to share that with the world in my music…..


Hahhaaaa – Introducing the Abba Geebz Manatee Model for Bubbas that want to still huck-a-few!

Surf Outtakes from the music video “Uke Can Do It”