How The “Abba Geebz” Project Started

UkuBerry BushMy name is GiBi del Barrio but you’re probably asking yourself, “What’s an Abba Geebz?”

Well, the term “Abba” is short for Abuelo, which is Grandfather in Spanish. Plus, it appears I am just (barely!) old enough to be a grandpa.

“Geebz” is a nickname that has followed me since I was a kid.  My real name is GiBi (pronounced G.B.).  I guess from there, “Geebz” was just the natural, roll-off-the-tongue nickname.

So there you have it. “Abba Geebz” has become a term of endearment for me, one that I fully embrace and embody. This website reflects the thoughts, sights and sounds of life as experienced through the eyes of yours truly – Abba Geebz! Enjoy!

The Mighty KaZooke And Alvin “Pops” Okami

2014-04-26 12.52.57This is a great story on how the KaZook came about.  One of the most amazing families was brought into my life by my friend Tracy Larrua.  The family is the Okami Family; the one and only makers of KoAloha Ukuleles.

Inventor Alvin “Pops” Okami is a mad genius of which I have never met.  He’s a perfect example of an artisan through and through.

One day before I was to leave for L.A. to perform some Abba Geebz programs back in 2014 he drops the mighty KaZook on me and coins the phrase “If you can’t strum it you can hum it”!  Pure genius on so many levels so this video is the story of the KaZook.

Sorry about the low volume level on this one :|